Top 10 Tuesday | 5 Star Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Be sure to the click the link and check out her blog.
This week’s theme is recent books you have given a 5 star rating to. I unfortunately don’t have 10 books that I’ve given 5 star ratings to this year, so I’ll include two of my favorite 4 star ratings at the end to round it out.  
This was such a quick & cute read! I loved the character development and some of the serious topics that West through in there, as well! 
Review here

This book hurt my heart. It gave me all of the feels. I definitely recommend this one ASAP. 

I love the hell out of this book. It’s most definitely my favorite of the series so far. If you’re feeling iffy about continuing on with the series after reading Scarlet like I was, just do yourself a favor and continue on. CAPTAIN THORNE. *droooool*

Again, another cute & quick read. I loved the writing style and am most definitely going to be picking up more from this author soon.
This book quickly became one of my top favorites of all time. It definitely deserves all of the awards that it has received. You will get extremely attached to the characters, your heart will be broken and put back together again multiple times. I can’t wait to hear more about the sequel!
This book was freaking intense! It was extremely action packed and Lu kept me on the edge of my seat with all of her insane plot twists. I just finished the second book in the series, Prodigy, and wasn’t too thrilled with it. Hopefully Champion will be amazing!
Another one of those books that will rip your heart out and make you cry ugly tears. Loved this book and loved the movie, too!
This book was so interesting! I loved the world building and the characters. The Darkling though…. ❤ 

The next two books are my favorite 4 star books so far this year..

This book was so much fun to read! Granted, yes the characters got a little annoying and the writing wasn’t you know, the best, but it was still so much fun and I loved the crap out of it. So many plot twists, too! I really am looking forward to finishing out this series. 
This book was cute and quirky in it’s own way. Again, the characters got a little annoying for me, but it was still an enjoyable read. 

Hope you enjoyed this and that you maybe have found some books that peak your interest. Please leave me links down below to your TTT so I can take a look! 🙂 Till next time.


8 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday | 5 Star Reads

  1. Ari & Dante is an AMAZING book. Definitely check it out as soon as you can. Fangirl was a cute read! Room was a really dark book, but still fantastic all the same. Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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