Hype or Like Friday | #2

hype or like friday

Hype or Like Friday is a new meme started by myself, Larkin & Jill. Make sure to follow our Good Reads group so you can keep up to date with the weekly topics & book of the month.

This week’s topic:

Q1- If you could travel through time, where would you go? (A particular event in time, decade, etc.)
Q2- If you could travel to a fictional place, where would you go?


  • Answer the weekly discussion topic.
  • Discuss your chosen hyped book of the week.
  • Optional: Talk about your progress on the BOTM.


So as I’m writing this… I still haven’t picked up Passenger. I’m honestly quite scared to start it because I have this huge feeling that I’m going to hate it tremendously. Has anyone else started it yet? What do ya’ll think so far?

If you could travel through time, where would you go?

I would probably travel back to the 50s-60s. That time period is so interesting to me. I honestly think I was born in the wrong generation. Everyone I know always tells me that I have such an old soul and I agree! I make my grandparent’s tell me stories about their lives growing up and show me pictures every week when I go to visit. I would love to have been able to be a teenager during those times.

If you could travel to a fictional place, where would you go?

I’m going with a TV show on this one and choosing Storybrooke from Once Upon a Time. Or heck, even the Enchanted Forest. Or Neverland. Can I just say any world you end up in while watching OUAT? And can Killian go everywhere with me and I could be his new Emma? That would be great.

Leave a link to your post down below! Let me know if you agree with any of my answers! 🙂



18 thoughts on “Hype or Like Friday | #2

    1. My grandparents were teenagers in the 50s so I love hearing their stories about growing up. I was gonna go with Hogwarts, but I figured that’s a given so I went with something different haha


      1. I did Harry Potter and Ancient Rome for my post. I love listening to old people tell stories. I sat on the phone with grandmother the other day for 2 hours asking her questions about the Great Depression.


  1. I started Passenger last night, thinking “hey, it’s not too bad”. Then I met pirates and the vocabulary that goes with it and bam, boredom took over. I really, really, really don’t like pirates. But hey, it’s only page 35, so I’m hoping it moves quickly off to something different. Did I say I hate pirates?
    Old souls are cool! 🙂 I have never watched Once Upon a Time, but yay for the enchanted forest. I’d love to live there, if there’s wifi of course.

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  2. Boogie woogie down in the 50s-60s- yeah yeah yeahhhh. I would love the sixities because the music was awesome and I would actually be really into the protests and stuff haha poor me and my activist heart! Are you by any chance one of those Captain Swan shippers? lolol


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