May Wrap-Up | 2016

So I definitely made up for the fact that I didn’t read crap in April this month. I ended up reading a total of 10 books. I think that’s the most I’ve read in month yet this year! I was able to cut out a few of the hyped books that I’ve been wanting to read for ages. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor || ★★★★★

The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski || ★★★

Champion by Marie Lu || ★★★

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly || ★★★

The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh || ★★★ || Review

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge || ★★★

Smut by Karina Halle || ★★★★★

Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys || ★★★ || Review

Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas || ★★★★

The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas || ★★★


So.. obviously I didn’t do very many reviews this past month. Honestly, I just don’t know what to say. I hate writing book reviews that are super repetitive and could be for any book. If ya’ll are interested in mini-reviews, maybe, or full length reviews — please let me know which book you’re interested to hear my opinion on!

I also didn’t have the greatest reading month content wise. It seems like almost everything I read was just okay. Daughter of Smoke & Bone was my favorite read of the month and The Assassin’s Blade was my least favorite. Smut was definitely in the top of the favorites, though. It was just hysterical.

I also wanted to credit Confessions of a Literary Addict for the wrap-up set up. I was looking for a simple way to post my wrap ups and saw hers and loved the simplicity of it. So thank you for your inspo! <33


10 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up | 2016

      1. Definitely still impressive! I doubt I’ll keep mine up, I think I just managed to hit some sort of time pocket or something, but I’m not complaining!


  1. I thought my eyes had defied me when I saw this in my reader. 🤗 I’ve been missing so many damn posts in my WP reader lately. And if I don’t see them on Twitter, I miss them entirely. I bought Daughter of Smoke and Bone after you recommended it. I still need to read it. I’d like to see your review for that one. Since you’re writing mini reviews, I’d love to see what you thought of Smut. That keeps coming up on my Amazon account as recommend since I’m always reading my trashy hockey novels. Haha! I love those damn books. That cover for Cruel Beauty makes me want to read it based on the cover alone. I’d like to see a review for that one, too. I never read The Winner’s Curse for HLF. Yeah, I suck. Two months down and I haven’t read any of them. I will read The Raven Boys this month. I’ve been wanting to read that for a while. I just finished Red Rising. I highly recommend if you haven’t already read it. I also started Splintered. That’s an interesting book, to say the least. And of course, a hockey player novel in addition to those. I have to break up the fantasy with my contemps.


    1. haha I’ve been posting off & on! I’m just trying to read a bunch so I have more things to post about that’s not just tags & such! DoSaB was amazing. I’m in the middle of reading the sequel to it right now! I might just do a series wrap up for them. I’ll do a mini review for Smut! It was so much fun. Cruel Beauty was an ok read. I’ll try to gather up some thoughts to form a proper review for it. Winner’s Curse was actually really good. It’s very politically based. I didn’t care too much for the Raven Boys but I’m interested in continuing on with the story. I didn’t like Throne of Glass when I read it but loved the 2nd book so hopefully that’ll happen with TRB, too. I have Splintered to read but haven’t gotten around to it yet! I actually haven’t been reading very many contemps lately which is surprising for me! lol


    1. I just finished Days of Blood and Starlight last night! I didn’t enjoy it as much as DoSaB but it was still really good!! Hoping to finish off the series next month ❤ Can't wait to hear what you think of them!


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