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songs you need in your life

Oooh what’s this? A little something different over here! I love music, but don’t listen to it near as much as I used to back in high school. I always loved to explore and listen to artists that were “undiscovered.” Fun fact: I actually was listening to and loved Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift way before they were famous. Thank you, Myspace.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of my favorite songs with ya’ll that I don’t see many people talk about. I’ll throw in random “For when…” tidbits on some of the songs. Some will be serious, others will be completely off the wall and just well…you know. Hopefully ya’ll will love them just as much as I do! PS) There is a playlist of the songs at the end of this post. Please let me know if you end up liking one of them or already do!

Best Days | Graham Colton

For when you need to remember that this is probably one of the greatest times of your lives. You only get one life. Make it the greatest.

Everything’s Right | Matt Wertz

For when you’re going through a rough time and just need a reminder that everything is and will be ok.

From Where I’m Standing | Schuyler Fisk 

For when you’re into someone who is shy-ish…or see someone cute on the subway.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love | The Darkness

For when you just need to go crazy and have a massive dance party.

Bruised | Jack’s Mannequin

For when you’ve just had a rough time and feel just a little beaten up about life.

You & I Both | Jason Mraz

For when you wanna listen to love songs but also want a challenge with tongue twisters.

Meet You There | Busted

For when you’ve been cheated on and not sure how to confront your ex.

Springsteen | Eric Church

For when you want to raise your lighter, sway with the wind and sing as loud as you can.

Last Request | Paolo Nutini

For when you just recently ended a bad relationship, but still love each other and want to cherish your last night together.

Look After You | The Fray

For when you’re in love with someone who’s been hurt before and is scared to commit.

I’ll Be OK | McFly

For when you’re not having a good day and you just need the reminder that you’ll be ok. Because you will be.

Into Your Arms | The Maine

For when you’re having a love/hate relationship with a book…or a human.

Coming To Terms | Carolina Liar

For when you’re in an unhealthy relationship and are finally realizing that you need to get out.

The Best of Me | The Starting Line

For when you and your ex just can’t get over each other and are thinking about getting back together.

Heels Over Head | Boys Like Girls

For when the person you like is clueless about them liking you back until you’ve moved on to someone else. And then they’re left looking reaaaal dumb.

Risque | Cute Is What We Aim For

For when you’re wanting to channel your inner-emo kid, circa 2006. Or if you’re considering buying a prostitute. (I recommend you don’t do that.)

Here (In Your Arms) | Hellogoodbye

For when you need a random techno dance break.

Everything | Lifehouse

For when you need the strength to carry on, remember you’re someone’s everything.

Bohemian Rhapsody | Queen

For when you’re in karaoke mode.

Tiny Dancer | Elton John

For when your karaoke needs just haven’t been quite taken care of.

Flake | Jack Johnson

For when you want a song that is equally relaxing and jammin’.

Keep Your Head Up | Ben Howard

For when you need to let your hair down and your head up. Strong.

You Make It Real | James Morrison

For when you’re in a relationship and in love and need the words to explain how much they mean to you.

Someone Somewhere | Jason Reeves

For when you’re having doubts about love or relationships in general, to remember that your someone is out there, waiting somewhere for you.

Beautiful Disaster | Jon McLaughlin

For when you’re upset about your body, your looks, your education, etc. Remember not everyone is perfect. You are beautiful no matter what.


12 thoughts on “Songs You Need in Your Life | Britt Recommends

    1. I was really into them during high school! Especially McFly… I had the biggest obsession with them & Busted. I hope you end up liking some of the songs! I’d be more than happy to give some more pop rock recs! 🙂 You’d definitely like The Maine!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had every Starting Line album when I was in high school. Loved their acoustic one. Oh mannnn!!

        Yes to any & all pop rock recs!! I love finding new music. The Maine used to play at journeys all the time when I worked there. I liked the few songs I heard. Imma have to go seek em out, I totally forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder!! 😀


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