Where I’ve Been


So you’re probably like…who are you? And I would say hi, I don’t blame you for forgetting about me.

Lets just say the last few months have been CRAZY. I moved house, helping take care of my grandparents, and getting more hours at work because of a small promotion I got. So bottom line, no time for reading.

 I think I have read and completed 2 books in the last few months which is COMPLETELY unacceptable to me. I am, however, a quarter or half way through at least 10. HA! Since I’m reading so slow, I get bored with the books so easily and I just don’t make it through.

I really, really want to get back into my old reading habits and blogging again. So lets see how this works, shall we? I’ve missed you all!!

Leave me links to your favorite blog posts that I may have missed. Also give me some new book recommendations!! It’s amazing how much you miss out on by only being gone for a couple of months.


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