Read Your Kindle & Make Me Read November | Help Me Please.


I’ve noticed that I’ve accumulated a lot of books. Or more like a shit ton of books. I was doing so well at the beginning of this year by reading my TBR. I felt so proud of myself. But then I went and fucked everything up by not reading for 3 months. Way to go, Britt. You suck. Did I stop buying books during my slump? Um…I’m not even going to answer that stupid question.

So! Now I’ve become overwhelmed by all the amazing books I currently own and don’t know where to begin. Though I do have a ton of physical copies of books that I should get to, I have way more amazing books on my Kindle that are currently unloved. I need to love and cherish them to make them stop feeling so lonely and down on themselves, y’know? Another thing is I simply can’t choose which books to start because I want to start them ALL and NOW.

This is why I have declared November to be Read Your Kindle and Make Me Read month. I’m going to post a list of books that I want to read and you are going to tell me what to read for November!

The List:

A Darker Shade of Magic

Everything, Everything

The Space Between Heartbeats

Madness So Discreet

The Darkest Minds

With Malice

A Thousand Pieces of You

Grave Mercy

The Miniaturist

Splinted (buddy reading this with Jessica)

Poison Study

You Were Here

Something Strange and Deadly

Falling Kingdoms (buddy reading this with Lauren)

Tiny Shiny Things

Clockwork Angel

The Iron King

For Darkness Shows the Stars

Wolf by Wolf (buddy reading this with Larkin)


Walk on Earth a Stranger

Falling into Place

The Murder Complex


The Assassin’s Curse

If ya’ll wanna join the buddy read or want to buddy read another book with me, please let me know! I love buddy reading and find them so much fun. I’ve made some great friends through it.

You can contact me in the comments here, on Twitter or you can shoot me an email



28 thoughts on “Read Your Kindle & Make Me Read November | Help Me Please.

  1. You’ve got some great books on that list! I can’t wait to see how many you’re able to get through over the next few weeks! And I’m so glad you’re finally out of your reading slump!
    Also, super excited to buddy read Wolf By Wolf with you! I’ve had this book since January, so it’ll be great to finally get to it lol!

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    1. I can’t wait, either! I’m sure I’ve had it about that long, too. Lets hope I can get through a good chunk! I probably bit off more than I can chew lol

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      1. I will still feel accomplished if I get through at least 5 books! That’s more than I’ve been doing these last few months lol. How many series did you finish then?

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  2. Honestly I’m in the same situation! I got a bunch of books back in august thinking I’d go through them fairly quickly but they’ve been sitting on my kindle, making me guilty whenever I open the app. This is the best idea, would you mind if I did the same?


  3. When are you and Larkin reading Wolf by Wolf? I have that book and need to read it and I’d love to BR it with you all. Maybe I could join? I would also like to read Madness So Discreet.


  4. Exactly!! I’m sure I have over 100 books on my Kindle with probably only 15 of them read…MAYBE. I’ll be very happy if I can knock off atleast 10!


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