Book Traveling Thursday | #4

This week’s topic is: National Author’s Day was a couple of days ago… choose a book written by one of your favorite authors.


Sophie Kinsella is one of my favorite authors because of her hilarious characters and all of the trouble they find themselves in. I decided to go with one her most iconic works, Confessions of a Shopaholic, which is the first in the series that follows Rebecca Bloomwood, who is well…a shopaholic. Though I haven’t written a review about this series, I do have a small review on Kinsella’s first YA novel Finding Audrey. You can take a look at that here if you’d like.

While I was searching for covers of this book, I noticed that almost all of the covers are pretty horrible. My favorite one has to be the English edition above.


Here is an Italian version. As you can see, the name has been changed to “I Love Shopping” and it looks like something I can make in Microsoft Paint.


Erm… the Turkish cover….I’m just gonna let this one sink in.

Well… this was fun. I don’t think I’ve had a favorite book where all but two of the covers were absolutely horrible.


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