The Good Reads Book Tag

I’ve seen this tag around and thought it looked interesting! I don’t know who the original creator of the tag is but once I find out, I’ll be sure to credit them.

What was the last book you marked as ‘read’?


This book was absolutely amazing. I recently posted my review for this novel if you’re interested on checking it out.

What are you currently reading?


I’m buddy reading Falling Kingdoms and Clockwork Angel with some lovely blogger friends. I’m slowly working my way through A Shadow Bright and Burning. Honestly not really enjoying ASBAB or FK that much. We’ll see how I feel about them when I finish.

What was the last book you marked as TBR?


The Color Project by the super beautiful and amazing Sierra Abrams. If ya’ll aren’t following her on Twitter (which I’m sure most of you are) then ya’ll need to!

What book do you plan to read next?


These 3 are currently in the line up for buddy reads. I should be done with these by the 15th, so after that anything is up for grabs. (That is in my TBR at least)

Do you use the star rating system?

Yes, I do. I wish they would allow us the ability to adjust the stars, though.

Are you doing a 2016 reading challenge?

I am! My goal was to read 50 books this year and I completed that in July. I’m up to 62 books so far! Hopefully will be in the 70s by the end of the month πŸ˜‰

Do you have a wishlist?

I do, but it’s on Amazon.

What book do you plan to buy next?

I honestly don’t have any books that I’m for sure planning on buying. A few that I would love to purchase soon are:

talking-as-fast-as-i-canReplicaThree Dark Crowns

Heartlessthe-sun-is-also-a-starWe Are the Ants

Do you have any favorite quotes? Share below.

And he smiled a smile to shame the sun.” – Renee Ahdieh, The Wrath & the Dawn

β€œYou could rattle the stars,” she whispered. “You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.” Β – Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

There is plenty more.. I’m just too lazy to look them up. Also, isn’t it hilarious that my favorite quotes are from books I didn’t really care for? Funny how that works out.

Who are your favorite authors?

I honestly don’t know who I could list as my favorite authors. Authors I’ve really enjoyed books from would be Ruta Septys, Sarah Dessen, Benjamin Alire Saenz, Gabrielle Zevin…that’s so, so, so many more.

Have you joined any groups?

Yes! I am a part of Top 5 Wednesday, Book Traveling Thursdays, YA Buddy Readers Corner and the best one, Hype or Like Friday, which is the group Jill, Larkin and I started. We have a book we all read every month, this month is Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake, and we have discussions that we post on our blogs every Friday! Ya’ll should definitely check it out and join in on all of our fun!


11 thoughts on “The Good Reads Book Tag

  1. W00t for completing your Goodreads challenge by far!! πŸ˜€ And Lauren Graham wrote a book…well, that’s the end of my comment since I’m now hopping onto Amazon to buy it. KKthnxbye!


  2. Congrats on finishing your Goodreads challenge! I aimed low to avoid pressure and reached 64 books, I’m so happy, I am pretty sure I’ve never read as much before! The cover for Everything Everything is so pretty! My wishlist is also on Amazon. In fact, I have three, from wanna read to need now! πŸ˜€ It helps hubby know what to buy, haha! Lauren’s book, Replica and Three Dark Crowns are also on my wishlist! I’m really curious about Lauren’s…


    1. Thanks! I aimed low too.. I think my goal was like 25 or 30. But I can’t believe how much I’ve read this year! I think being a part of the community has a toll in it. I read this much when I was high school, but I was also reading extremely short books and Percy Jackson hahaha. I loved Lauren’s book Before I Fall, but haven’t read any of her other works! I wanna get Three Dark Crowns so I can participate in the Hype or Like group this month!


  3. I’m currently readnig Everything, Everything and I’m loving it SO MUCH ! Those pretty illustrations make the reading experience even more enjoyable !!
    A Darker Shade of Magic and Wolf by Wolf are two of my favorite books of all times and I hope you do enjoy them too once you read them. πŸ˜€
    Also, congrats on reaching your GR goal that’s awesome !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read it in a day. It was SO good! I was expecting to like it but not that much. I agree.. . the illustrations definitely helped with the reading experience. I’m sure I’ll enjoy those books! I’m really excited to see what all of the hype is about. And thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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