New To You Authors 2016 | Monthly Recommendations

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This monthly tag was made by Trina @ Between Chapters and Kayla @ Kayla Rayne on YouTube.  You can join their Goodreads group for more info.

Seeing as how more than half of the authors that I’ve read this year are new to me, I’m definitely had to narrow down which ones were my favorites. Though I’ve had a bit of an average reading year, there were a good few authors and books that completely blew me away.

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I’m sure ya’ll are getting sick of me posting about Sepetys’ books, but I seriously can’t get enough of her writing and storytelling. I’m purposely pushing off reading Between Shades of Grey because that will mean I have nothing left to read from her. I’m a sucker for historical fiction and what I love about her is she tells you of unknown tragedies that have occurred in the past. This one, for example, is about the biggest mar-time disaster, bigger than Titanic, during WW2 and I’ve never heard of it before. It cut me down to the bone. It was so tragic, yet beautifully written. I felt like I was there, which was a horrible feeling yet left me feeling vulnerable. If you’d like to know more of how I felt about this novel, I have a review.


The Diviners

I’ve never read a book that scared me before. I’ve always tried to stay away from them because I get frightened really easily. This book kept speaking to me, though. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis really struck me. Like I said above, I’m a sucker for historical fiction, so a novel set in 1920’s New York had me sold. I was intimidated by the size of it, but I completely devoured this book. I read it under 2 days, I believe. I ended up buying more Libba Bray books afterward because I needed more of her story-telling. I’m planning on picking up the sequel next year. Hopefully this series doesn’t take a century to complete!


Daughter of Smoke & Bone

I am not worthy of Laini Taylor. She slays me. I did not expect to love these series has much as I do. Her writing is so incredibly beautiful. I love how she builds her worlds and her creativity. The family dynamic with the chimaera and Karou melts my heart. Also, Karou is one of my favorite characters ever. She is so bad ass, yet human. Sometimes authors forget that their characters are living beings and make them completely undefeatable and perfect, which makes them less relatable. I still need to read the last book in the trilogy, but I’m not ready to leave this series behind yet. I don’t want to say goodbye.



This is the greatest smut book on the planet. I’m a sucker for hate-to-love stories and this one hit it out of the park. If you’re into NA, love a sassy main character and a smart-ass, hot as hell male character…this is the book for you. I’ve recommended this to multiple friends and they all have rated it 5 stars. It’s hilarious and sexy all at the same time. You need to read this for Blake Crawford alone. Just picture Sam Claflin. You’re welcome.

sam claflin.gif

You’re welcome again.

How can someone be this beautiful though? And that dimple. Life isn’t fair.



Be serious now…did you really think I’d leave this masterpiece off of this list? You obviously don’t know me very well. I haven’t felt the way I do about this book in a very long time. I read this book in one day. I cried around 10 times. I had so many feels. SO. MANY. FEELS. I wanted to bundle my babies up in a ball and just squeeze & never let go. The writing is so beautiful and simple. It’s a wonderful novel about family, friendship and coming to terms with yourself and who you really are. I will continue recommending this book until the day that I die. READ IT NOW! I just need a hug even thinking about it.

If you haven’t read any of these books, please do yourself a favor and pick one of them up. They’re so good for so many different reasons, most of them I can’t explain without fangirling or using GIFS or a bunch of DKFGHJFH!!!!!

If you have read these books, I’m completely open to fangirling, using GIFS and a bunch of KIDFDFJG!!! with you.

I think this will explain myself better than I can…

not worthy.gif


Have you read any of these books or no? Who are some new-to-you authors that you’d recommend for me to read? Please let me know in the comments! 


13 thoughts on “New To You Authors 2016 | Monthly Recommendations

  1. I have 3 books of the ones you talked about in my tbr: Aristotle (…), Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and The Diviners and the way you talked about them made me want to read them like TODAY. I know I can’t because I have other books to read atm, but I will for sure read them next year!

    Hopefully I will love them as much as you did!!

    Happy Readings.

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  2. I’ve seen Salt to the Sea and The Diviners around for so long but never felt compelled to read it :’) but now… I mean, Salt to the Sea won 1st place on goodreads choice award so obviously I had to check it out 😛 YESSS to Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Ari & Dante. I fell in love with Laini Taylor’s beautiful writing and I can’t wait for her new book Strange the Dreamer!! I’m also excited for Benjamin Alire Saenz upcoming book The Inexplicable Logic of My Life ❤ I love NA and I'm so going to check out Smut! I believe you when you said it's the smuttest book ever… I mean, the title says it all :') some new to me authors this year are Jandy Nelson, Heather Demetrios, and Jeff Zentner! All are contemporary authors 😛

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    1. Yes!! The chapters are so small that it’ll take you no time to get through Salt to the Sea. Definitely check them out when you can!! I’m really excited for Laini & Benjamin’s new books but what I REALLY can’t wait for is the Ari & Dante sequel. I needed it like yesterday. Smut is so good!! I’m currently reading one called Royally Screwed and it’s hilarious so far. Heather Demetrios is a new to me author this year, too! I read Something Real. I have The Serpent King and I’ll Give You the Sun on my TBR. I read Nelson’s first book years ago but am needing to do a re-read here soon.

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      1. I’ve heard I’ll Meet You There is SO good!! It’s definitely on my TBR. Something Real wasn’t bad!! It was more realistic than most contemps I’ve read, so I enjoyed that. I think I have a review of it!


  3. I’ve been wanting to read Salt to the Sea, The Diviners, and Daughter of Smoke and Bone I just haven’t gotten to them yet. I love Ari and Dante so much!!!!!!!!!!!


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