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Izzie Rinaldi has everything going for her. All she has to do is make it through her senior year of college, and then she’ll be off to law school, one step closer to assuming her position at the head of corrupt-meher family’s empire. After a chance encounter with the campus bad boy, Izzie can’t get him out of her head.

Luca Marchese, the smooth-talking son of the most notorious man in Philadelphia, is used to getting what he wants. He hasn’t forgotten the girl he knew as a child, and now that he has Izzie’s attention, Luca will stop at nothing to have her.

Luca’s defiance of the law turns Izzie on more than she cares to admit. She wants Luca to corrupt her in every way possible, despite his reputation as the king of one-night stands. Their attraction is undeniable, but their desire for one another isn’t enough for Izzie to overlook visits from federal agents and the potential ruin of her family.

Linked to Luca and a criminal underworld, Izzie discovers she’s more like him than she thought. But a future with Luca could mean swapping her diamond bracelets for a pair of handcuffs.

*Corrupt Me is a standalone novel that is the first book in the Philly Corruption series.


Corrupt Me was written by one of my blogging besties, Jillian Quinn, but I assure you all thoughts and opinions are completely honest and 100% my own.


Izzie Rinaldi is a strong, confident, smart woman and she doesn’t let anyone get in the way of that. She has had to deal with a lot of shit in her family, being involved in the mafia and all, so she doesn’t flinch when conflict comes her way. She definitely doesn’t let stupid man-whores like Luca Marchese ruin what she has built. Until she falls in love with him…

While I loved the romance, I do feel like it was a bit rushed. I feel like Izzie let down her guard too soon and too fast for Luca, considering how much trouble she was going through to get away from him. The relationship is the hate-to-love trope which is personally my favorite with a dash of Romeo and Juliet. I just wanted a little bit more of the fire between them. I wouldn’t have complained if the book was another 50-100 pages longer just so I could get that angst towards Luca from Izzie. But when they were together, it was hot as hell. Quinn sure knows how to write some smutty scenes and smut is my guilty pleasure.

The family dynamic is amazing and I want Luca’s mama for myself. She is SUCH a sweetheart and apparently an amazing cook, too. I want some of that damn red sauce Izzie constantly gets wet about! (unprofessional but C’MON ITS TRUE.) Izzie & Luca’s family have a past and their grandfathers don’t really get along and on top of that drama, they have the FBI on their asses trying to catch them doing something shady. I was on the edge of my seat for majority of this book because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

 I’m not huge on anything mafia related, so I’ve never seen Godfather, Goodfellas, etc. Y’know, what are considered to be the greatest movies ever? So I really have nothing to compare this novel to. Since I’m not educated on this subject, I would have liked more of a mafia aspect to the books. But Jill has assured me that we will have more of that in the next two companion novels — which also feature hot Marchese boys.

Also, I need to mention how awesome and poetic Quinn’s writing was. She has some killer quotes and some major humor and sass!

I highly recommend this novel if you want a quick read that has depth to it. It has everything you could want in a novel: romance, smut, family, thrill. If you’re in the mood for something quick and fun, pick Corrupt Me up ASAP!

5/5 stars


Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn (Philly Corruption #1)

Published: January 17, 2017

Source: e-copy provided by the author

Publisher: Penn Publishing

Pages: 231

Genre: new adult, romance, contemporary





3 thoughts on “Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn | Book Review

  1. Thank you, Britt! 🙂 I love your review. It’s so funny that you and Larkin said the same thing about adding more pages. Good thing you’ll see them again in the third book in the series. Well, you see them in Mario’s but the third book is told from Luca and Izzie’s POV. 🙂


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