December & January Wrap Up 2016/2017

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Well hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted something that wasn’t a book review! I was having a very massive blog slump and self-esteem issues when it came to blogging the last few months, so I decided to take a break. I keep forgetting to remind myself that I’m doing this for fun and not to impress people or make a career out of it. Everything I post doesn’t have to perfect. Every post doesn’t always have to be original and creative. As long as I’m having fun and providing entertaining content, I’ll be happy. While being in a blog slump, I also was in a reading slump for a couple of months. I read maybe one or two books during August & September? I also moved in August, so there’s an excuse for that month at least!

In December, I read a total of 13 (!!) books! Now majority of these books were e-books that have either been on my Kindle for forever or new adult books that I sped through within a day. I won’t be listing reviews for the books listed– just the cover, link to Good Reads page & my rating.  I will have links provided for the books that I’ve already reviewed, though. If you want reviews on any of the other books, let me know! I’m totally open to doing another mini review post too if ya’ll would like that more.






The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon 4 stars | The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes 2.5 stars | The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak 4 stars | The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter 2.5 stars | Corrupt Me by Jillian Quinn 5 stars | Easy by Tammara Webber 3 stars | A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray 5 stars | The Space Between Heartbeats 3 stars | Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers 4 stars | Kill Devil Hills by Sarah Darlington 2 stars | Changing Tides by Sarah Darlington 1.5 stars | Clockwise by Elle Strause 3.5 stars | The Year I Became Isabella Anders by Jessica Sorensen 2.5 stars 




Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood 4 stars | The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald 3 stars | Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell 4 stars | The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner 5 stars | We Were Liars by E. Lockhart 3 stars | The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black 3 stars


That is a total of 19 books read during December & January. I’m pretty damn stoked about that. If I had to recommend you a couple of the books listed, I highly recommend A Thousand Pieces of You, Cracked Up to Be, Clockwise and The Serpent King. Clockwise is perfect if you want something new to read that’s cheap, since it’s free on Kindle!

I would definitely stay away from the Kill Devil Hills series, though. They were addicting and that is why I read them both in less than 24 hours but they are terrible when it comes to important topics such as suicide and LGBT+. The second book is literally about a girl who has claimed to be lesbian her whole adult life and then all of a sudden “turns straight” for some famous, hot male actor. There is such a thing as being bisexual, but apparently the only mind that crossed in the book was the 10-year-old sister. SO, with that being said…stay away.


Let me know if ya’ll have read and enjoyed (or not so much) any of the books listed! I would love to discuss them with you. And again, if you want more in-depth reviews on any of these books, please let me know and I will hop on it!


6 thoughts on “December & January Wrap Up 2016/2017

  1. Applause for getting out of reading slumps! A Thousand Pieces of You got me out of my slump and I ended up reading four books in January, the most I’ve read in quite a while. I’m so glad you decided to step back and return with a fresh mind. It’s always good to take a break.

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    1. I read ATPOY in just about one sitting. I couldn’t get enough of it! That’s awesome that you’ve read that many in January. I’m glad I’ve come back too. I really love this community.

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