Karou | #BookMadness

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I am participating in BookMadness hosted by the wonderful Maggie @ MaggersAnn on BookTube. It’s like a fun book version of March Madness! Which is awesome because I really really hate basketball.

There are over 60 people in the book community who have chosen their favorite book character and we are battling out to win! Obviously, I’m going to win, but y’know. Gotta give everybody a fair shot. There are going to be prizes and fun things so be sure to check out where to vote and enter the giveaways AFTER I remind you why my favorite character is the best.


Surprisingly, I didn’t choose Ari or Dante for my favorite character. What?! I know, I’m keeping ya’ll on your toes. ūüėČ Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite characters ever…Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Let’s do this.


First of all…she has”naturally” blue hair because¬†she wishes for it and she gets it. Like I want fucking blue hair!! I also would like to get everything I want, but that’s a story for a different day.


She’s funny. She’s got wit and a huge sense of humor. Also: sassy. Gotta love the sass. She knows she’s not always right. Knows she is sometimes a bitch. But y’know what? Karou is aware and realizes she isn’t perfect and she works on her flaws.


ZUZANNA. She wins alone for having Zuze as her best friend. She is the cutest little tiny cupcake muffin baby and I want to steal her for myself.


She’s pretty damn bad-ass. She’s strong. She’s brave. She’s honestly everything that I wish I could be most days.


Her family growing up? FUCKING DEMON CHIMAERA!! She had a snake lady has her motherly figure. A SNAKE!! Also, she never knew who her real family was or anything about her ancestry and she was so mature about it.¬†Eh, well kinda. WE CAN’T ALL BE PERFECT, OK?!


She lived on our own in PRAGUE. A teenager. Apartment to self. IN. PRAGUE. 


Umm can we also talk about how amazingly talented she is? She is so damn artistic. She could draw poop and make it look like a bowl of freaking roses.


I think that’s enough for right now to prove to you why Karou is freaking awesome. If you agree (which c’mon, be real, it’s the truth) then be sure to head¬†here to vote!¬†You can vote for up to 5 characters for this round so MAKE SURE KAROU IS ONE OF THEM!! Don’t forget about the crazy awesome prizes you can enter for after you vote!