July TBR | 2017

to be read

Well, hello there! This is yet another attempt at resurrecting my lonely blog. My life has been a bit of a wreck these last few months and I think it’s at a point now where it’s starting to calm down…at least, I hope. I’ve never been the greatest at keeping up with my TBRs. But lately my shelves have been overflowing with books that I’m dying to read and it’s SO much work just standing there trying to figure out what to read that I end up giving up and walking away. I’ve made myself a set TBR a few months ago and I surprisingly stuck to it pretty well, so I’m going to attempt* to give it a go this month!

Please wish me luck. I will need it.



Kissing Max HoldenI'm Not in the Band

I’ve been looking forward to Kissing Max Holden by Katy Upperman! Ya’ll know I am a sucker for contemporaries. This one seems to have a lot more depth than normal, cutesty contemps, despite the deceivingly adorable cover, and I know I’m destined to have my heart broken and find another book boyfriend. You can’t have too many! I’m Not in the Band by Amber Garza was an impulse request. I absolutely love The Heartbreakers series by Ali Novak and I saw this book up for request after I submitted my review for Paper Hearts. I’m expecting this to definitely be a puppy-love type book. I’ve heard absolutely nothing about it, so I hope it’s good!


Almost all of these books have been sitting on my shelf for a year or more. They’re all fairly small, besides The Night Circus hitting at almost 500 pages. I’m almost half way through Daughter of the Pirate King now. Maybe I can finish it tonight if I try really hard?


That leaves me with 8 books to try and complete in the month of July! I’m so behind on my Good Reads goal (3 books!!!) so I could really use this boost to catch back up! I would love to be able to hit my goal of 65 books read this year, but really want to try and hustle and hit 80 which means I’ll need to read at least 10 books a month from here on out! I just LOVE torturing myself, I guess.


Have you read any of the books I’ve listed? Let me know in the comments below!



6 thoughts on “July TBR | 2017

    1. lol I am TRYING. It’s easier for me to have set books to read that way I can weed out which ones I actually want to read. I’m in the middle of The Night Circus now and unfortunately not feeling it and I’ve already DNFed Not If I See You First 😦

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