Dream Library Mood Board


If you ever come across my Pinterest, you will see I have hundreds of ideas for my dream home and I’m constantly day-dreaming of what I want my dream library to look like.  To take a break from tags and reviews, I thought it would be fun to make a small mood board of what I pictured in my head! Please feel free to make one for yourself and share it. I would love to see your ideas!


 My favorite spot to read in is somewhere comfy & cozy, though I try not to read in bed because I end up falling asleep. (Don’t we all, though?) I really love the sectional from Arhaus, especially once we add the colorful throw blanket and bookish pillows, because it looks so inviting. All of the couches from the Arhaus website looked so inviting, it was difficult to just choose one! It’s massive, so there will be plenty of room to lay down and have heaps of books next to me, because I’m constantly jumping from one book to another.  I want artwork that is fun and colorful but also ties into my interests. My favorite piece is the map of Neverland, but I’m also totally in love with the watercolor artwork.


For other decor items, I’m just picturing a BUNCH of colorful throw blankets, a huge rug and a ton of a bookish candles. I want my space to be warm and inviting and I think items like that would be the best for what I’m looking for.  I was having a such a hard time choosing which pendant light to choose from the selection on Arhaus, but I finally went with the cage pendant light. I can totally dig it’s design and it will STILL light up the whole room. It’s different but not so much so that it’ll look out of place in the space.

Can we talk about that bookcase though?? If I just shove a bunch of them against a huge wall and add some wheels to the ladder, I’ll finally have my version of Belle’s library. It’s insanely gorgeous. I really wish ya’ll could see what I’m picturing in my head. It’s insane.


So what do ya’ll think? What is your favorite part of my dream room? I really love the map of Neverland and of course the amazing bookshelf! Links to everything is below 🙂



Pendant lighting, bookcase, side table and sectional all from Arhaus

Elephant print – The Print Cave

Watercolor art – Inkist Prints

Peter Pan candle – In the Wick of Time

Globe, rug, other decor – Pinterest

Neverland map – The Mathom Society

Bookish pillows – Red Bubble


15 thoughts on “Dream Library Mood Board

    1. It was so hard for me to choose from the amazing selection the artist has for sell! I’m definitely going to have to purchase some work from them because it’s all just incredible.


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