This or That Tag | 2018


It has been a MINUTE since I’ve done a tag! I saw Chloe at The Elven Warrior do this and I thought it seemed fun, quick and easy! Be sure to go read her answers too! I’m going to tag a few people just for fun. Don’t feel like you have to do this even though I’d love to see your answers!



11 thoughts on “This or That Tag | 2018

      1. pretty sure i’ve only finished 2 series and one includes harry potter so i’m not doing so hot myself hahaha


  1. I agree with you- I don’t care if it’s magic born or magic earned tbh. I love friends to lovers and enemies to lovers. I can’t stand love triangles or instalove either. Great answers! And thanks so much for tagging me- this looks like fun 🙂

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