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I saw this tag on Clemi’s Bookish World but The Wonderstruck Book Tag was created by Olivia @ Purely Olivia and these beautiful graphics for the prompts were made by her as well! Be sure to go check out their amazing blogs!


I was in high school whenever Taylor Swift came out with her first album and I was high key obsessed with her. She managed to get exactly how I felt in every single song and made it catchy. Her songs were literally anthems for every person who has ever been hurt or betrayed by someone they loved. I haven’t been able to click with her music much as we got older but I still love old school Taylor and jam to her songs every now and then.

I thought this tag would be fun because most of the songs used for prompts were a few of my favorites. Also loved how the tag name is Wonderstruck because I loved that perfume so dang much. It replaced my Britney Spears Fantasy perfume in a heart beat.



I could say THE SERPENT KING by Jeff Zentner but I think that one is the obvious choice from me if you’ve been following my blog in the last few years. One book that I thought of that I’ve never heard anyone talk about is ORBITING JUPITER by Gary D. Schmidt. It is a short, middle grade book but packs a massive punch. It will tear your heart out and step on it and make you cry until you can’t cry anymore. It is fantastic. It’s less than 200 pages and the audio took me about an hour and a half to listen to so really….you have no excuse.

Except if you don’t like to torture yourself by reading stuff that will make you extremely sad. I get it.


Lately, I can’t stop thinking about SUMMER OF SALT by Katrina Leno. I read it at the beginning of February but the story is still stuck with me and I’m itching to reread it already! If you haven’t read my mini review for the book yet, check it out here!


The Diviners

THE DIVINERS by Libba Bray will always and forever be one of my favorite book covers. I’m still incredibly salty that they changed it for the 2nd (and the freaking 3rd book, too) in the series. Even the hardcover under the jacket is stunning. This reminds me that I seriously need to continue on with the series.


THE BABYSITTERS CLUB by Ann M. Martin was the series that got me into reading. I’m trying to collect the full series too but there are just so many of them!  I remember wanting to start my own club when I was around 5 or 6 but no one wanted to join so I would hide in my closet and say that was my “office” and would have a meeting with my stuffed animals.

Another book that I’ve NEVER seen mentioned in the community is the AMBER BROWN series by Paula Danzinger. I LOVED those books. Paula & Ann wrote a duology together, first one called PS LONGER LETTER LATER and I devoured those as well. Now I want to read these again haha. Basically, Ann M. Martin was my entire childhood.


I’m going with a classic here and am going to say ANNE OF GREEN GABLES by L.M. Montgomery. I’ve always been scared to read classics, mostly because I think I’m too dumb to understand what is going on in most of them haha. But this one of Larkin’s favorite books and I randomly decided to give it a shot late 2017. I immediately fell in love with the writing, with Anne, with the story. So much so, that I binged what I could of the series. I think I’ve read the first 3 now? Anne is literally sunshine and rainbows and exactly the kind of person I want to be. She’s got the greatest imagination, wants to be everyone’s friend and just want to live a great life.


LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott. This was the first classic that I ever fell in love with. I can read this book over and over again. I will always love Jo and forever hate Amy. I always feel like I’m apart of the March family whenever I read this book. It feels like home to me.


This has gotta go to Audrey Rose & Thomas Creswell from STALKING JACK THE RIPPER series by Kerri Maniscalco. I’ve only fully read the first one but I fell so in love with Thomas that he immediately became one of my top fictional crushes. I love their bickering and how Thomas knows how to annoy her with his cockiness. They’re fantastic. I love them.


This will go to a recent read and that has to be THE HUNGER GAMES series by Suzanne Collins. I’m pretty sure I mentioned this a few times in tags but I can’t help myself. I absolutely fell in love with this series which is a total shock to me. I wanted to read it when it first came out in high school, but a friend of mine said he didn’t like it so… I didn’t. Fast forward to when all of the hype as going because of the movies, an ex of mine binged the series and loved it. I tried and I hated it.

I binged the series in two weeks this past January and February. This most definitely shows that either your reading tastes change as you get older or it was the wrong place/wrong time for me and the series. I just had to wait for the perfect moment and then I could devour them. I should also mention that I listened to these on audio and that probably has something to do with it too haha.


And there we have it! Let me know if ya’ll have read any of the books that I mentioned, especially the underrated ones! I’d love to discuss (or fangirl, lets be real) over any of these books!!

I’m not sure who to tag, but if you’re interested in doing this, you’re it! Please be sure to link me so I’m able to check out your answers!


10 thoughts on “Wonderstruck | Book Tag

  1. Thank youuu for doing my tag! This post made me so happy to read!💘You talked about so many books that I absolutely adore. You’re the first person I’ve seen on the blogosphere who has also read Orbiting Jupiter! I found it completely by chance a few years ago in the school library, having no idea that I was about to have my heart torn out. I remember not being able to put it down, and then just being SO shocked at the ending.
    The Babysitters Club! I loved that, too. Such an iconic series, oh my gosh. Little Women is also one of my favorite classics! Though I don’t hate Amy, I do kind of hate that she ended up with Laurie. I don’t have anything against Professor Bhear, but…Jo! and Laurie! should have happened.
    Thank you again, this was a wonderful post!


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